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2020. About BY ZEINA ASSAF | Honestly speaking?

I believe that the healing power of crystals lies in the intention we set ourselves, its how much belief we put in the intension we set. The crystal or stone will play a huge role, that is, the physical reminder of your intention, and it will do magic ONLY if YOU BELIEVE in what you want.
My name is Zeina Assaf, as a yoga instructor and a passionate for healing through movement and energy, I create jewellery, hand made, all 18 karat solid gold, and with crystals and precious stones selected carefully by myself from various countries.
Each piece is unique and different looking with its special flaws, you might think you are taking time to choose and find the right crystal, but in reality it is the crystal that will find and choose you, finding its own journey in your existence.
All necklaces have special names, you will find that they are mostly Lebanese and that is because I have Lebanese origins and Lebanon is a beautiful country full of beauty and authentic people


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